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Scotiabank Campus Recruitment


Here you will be able to participate in a pre-recorded video questionnaire (i.e. asynchronous video interview) for future opportunities (internships, co-ops, full-time roles) with Scotiabank. This is an opportunity to tell us more about yourself and it's quick and easy :)

It's just 1 minute long and just meant to be more casual (don't worry - your hiring managers won't see it hahaha - it's for the campus team)

Next Steps:

  • Fill out the contact information below
  • Once you are ready, click to begin the process
  • You get up to 2 attempts at each video answer
  • Once you have completed the video questionnaire your answers will be sent directly to the Scotiabank Campus Recruitment Team
Hey look, we get thousands of applications and believe that a resume tells us so little about you, and that's not fair! So thank you for your time in completing this and showing us some personality.

Please note, the video questionnaire will be conducted by our 3rd party provider RIVS, Inc. Your personal information and video recordings will be kept confidential and only shared with members of the Scotiabank Recruitment team.

As you progress towards achieving your Scotia Dream, you might be asked to complete a more extensive video interview that is job-specific... you can dress up for that if you want ;)

Need Help?

If you have any technical difficulties, or have any questions about the interview link, feel free to contact their support team via e-mail at In addition, if you any questions about the content of the screening questionnaire, hiring process or require any additional accommodation to complete this step please contact Scotiabank via e-mail at

Please agree to RIVS Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before proceeding.

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